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upgrade redhat OS without connecting to redhat network

Suppose you have redhatES4.2 installed on machine, you want to use up2date command to upgrade it to version4.7, but you don't want to register to Redhat and use slow internet to download files from Rehdat.

1. Get the RedhatES4.7 installation files and dump them into a spare folder /var/spool/tmp/redhatES4.7/Redhat/RPMS

2. modify /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources
#up2date default
dir my-favorite-rpms /var/spool/tmp/redhatAS4.7/RedHat/RPMS

3.type up2date command, ignore getting  GPG keys, click next, get your new installation repository.

4.after install the packages, reboot your machine.

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