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2012 回顾


IMELDA 拿了 long service award, 和我们生活在一起五年了,中文大大地进步。

老丈人走 了,他是个普通的福建新加坡人,一辈子辛劳,就是希望子女平安幸福,不希望给子女任何麻烦。闺女们偶尔想起他,唠叨着外公买的衣服和葡萄干。

About work, new network backbone is up, pure Cisco N7K and N5K; PB storage is online, 10K+ cores CPU are online;learn a lot to save DC energy, start to build hot and cold containment inside DC;  team is stable.


  1. read more doc, hope have time to  attend SC 2013;
  2. 再带闺女们回老家,她们喜欢和爷爷奶奶在一起,在廉江和湛江;
  3. 多锻炼身体;



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