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Files corrupt after ftp download

My department has a few lease lines to different vendors.

We use the lease lines to auto mirror vendors ftp servers:

[auto mirror machine ] --[ router ] ----50M lease line----[ router ] ---- [ ftp server]

Last week some files from one of ftp servers had been found corrupted,  md5sum results are different with the original ftp server, analyze the download files, found  only the file which  size is  bigger than 2G will be corrupted.

The debug process:

1. check download machine and ftp server  system log and network interfaces, error packet, drop packet, all fine.

2. check router inter face, all status fine, no crc error, no packet drop.

3. call singtel engineer to troubleshoot, both side put "veex" tester, error led become red and start to blink, found out one of exchange points faulty,  replace it.

Line/Life back to normal, just first time met this problem and wrote it down here.

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