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The timestamps of ftp file

These few days, the timestamps of ftp file make  "noise"  in office.

Scenario 1:

Boss shouts out " I uploaded a file to ftp server a few minutes ago, why now I type ls, it shows the timestamps of the file is 3am ? "

Scenario 2:

Office user shouts out" I uploaded a file to ftp server at 12/April/2009, 1am ( genie,  this guy is the best employee in our company),  why the dump ftp server tells me I upload the file at 11/April/2009, 4pm"

let me try to explain why such thing happened.

Most of FTP servers default use GMT timezone, but most of ftp administrators like to set their FTP server to use local time.  Using this configuration, their boss won't shout at them, like scenario 1.

But if your company is a MNC,  the UK users upload file to Singapore office ftp server which configured to use local time , although UK users upload files at 10am of day , but the ls result shows the file timestamps are 6pm of day.

If the ftp server has been set to use local time,  why scenario 2 happened ?

Some of ftp client software,  like ncftp,  after using it to upload file,  it forces to set the timestamps of the file to GMT, that is the ncftp client default behavior.

At the end,  there is no ending war between the timestamps of ftp file and ftp server/client.

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