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cluster nas|file systems

Clustered NAS systems

Vendor Product name
Isilon Systems Inc. Isilon IQ
Network Appliance Inc. OnTap GX
BlueArc Corp. Titan 2000
OnStor Inc. Bobcat clustered NAS gateway (no disk)
OnStor Inc. Pantera clustered NAS (with disk)
Hewlett Packard Co. StorageWorks EFS Clustered Gateway
EMC Corp. Celerra NS Series
SGI InfiniteStorage NAS
Exanet ExaStore
Panasas Inc. ActiveStor Parallel Storage Clusters
Rackable Systems Inc. Rapidscale Clustered Storage

Clustered file systems

Vendor Product name
Ibrix Inc. Fusion Cluster File System
IBM General Parallel File System
Parascale Inc Virtual Storage Network
un Microsystems Inc Lustre File System
Quantum Corp. StorNext Cluster File System


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【IT168 资讯】运用集群技术来扩展服务器的性能、容量、连通性和实用性已经没有什么可好奇的了。然而,集群存储就是另外一回事了。