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Auto login a web interface and auto fill form

Very sad to say, in our department, a boss comes out an "idea" to force us to fill a form every week, in which you need to tell him how you spend your time. If too late to fill the form, a warning letter would come from VP!

After a few weeks, this is very annoyed as we keep filling the same thing every time.

We need an auto script to finish this task. below is a simple method.

Use lynx !!

1. record down what you need to do: login, fill form, save, logout

lynx -accept_all_cookies -cmd_log ./record_info

2. auto repeat what every you type and what ever info you fill in, create

lynx -accept_all_cookies -cmd_script ./record_info

To verify the result, you could manually login and check the form info.

Put command into crontab, let it do the same task for you every friday 1am.

1 1 * * 5 /xxx/xxx/

As you type in your password during login, please keep file ./record_info into a "safe" location.

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2012 第一天

往年的12月31日,都有时间写些回顾,昨天家里的TV有线接收盒坏了,去了IMM StarHub service center 。回来就忙着做吃的,照顾小三。


早上和国杰用google video talk, 聊了一个小时,多年不见了,努力打拼,家庭幸福,工作顺利,再次感叹何年能再聚。


1. 多挤出时间陪我3个女儿,珍惜和她们的每一天。她们长大后,就不喜欢她们的爹唠叨了。

2. 多读几本书,做个好农民。也要去理解理解德国这个民族,如果还经常和他们打交道。

3. 带闺女们回广东老家,过几天没有新加坡的日子。也要多陪陪我爹我娘。

4. 好好待人,放开心胸。采菊东篱下,悠然见南山,要有平常心。

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